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Engineering and Construction
  General Construction:    


Construction of car sheds, security fences, generator shelters and industrial sheds.
Prefabricated Porta-cabins.
Flooring and roofing work.
Construction of cable trenches, manholes and athways.
Scaffolding for all structures.
Panels and Partitioning work.
Aluminum Composite panels for corporate identity program for Petrol stations, Retail outlets.







Interior and Exterior signs, POP Displays, Exhibition Stands, ATM Machines, Channel Letters, Commercial vehicle interior linings and truck bodies, Elevators, Kiosks, Stair wells, Ceiling and Partition panels etc.



Aluminum composite panel developed for corporate identity signage’s and display applications. It consists of two layers of aluminum skins in varying gloss levels of 30% to 80% sandwiching a Polyethylene or fire rated core. The top surface is coated in stove enameled structural lacquering system and back surface has a mill finish or stove lacquered polyester lacquering system.







Glass panels for high rise commercial and residential buildings, shopping malls and hospitals.
All kinds of portioning work using Aluminum, glass, and sandwitch panels.
Supply and fixing of Aluminum doors, Glass doors, wooden doors and fire retardant doors.



Concrete repairs.
Water proofing and swimming pool repairs.
Spray painting for damp proof.
Roofing and water leakage repairs.